Wanted stuff (and a donation for schools) (Was: Pretty good week)

From: Hotze <photze_at_batelco.com.bh>
Date: Sat Feb 28 11:11:17 1998

>Have a Mac 512k system complete with manuals, software, printer, mouse,
>for $75 plus shipping. Works great but needs to have the 400k floppy
changed as
>it's getting a little sloppy. Otherwise it works great and parts are
>for it as easy as for PC's. It's a friends machine and she put over $1500
>this unit only 8 yrs ago and has been the only owner.
OK, right now, I'm in an Apple ][ mode. ;-)
>Have a Quantum 80mb 3.5" IDE hard drive for $30 which includes shipping.
>include the specs/settings sheet.
Ran into that problem before. I want this machine working, but I can't
(legally) pay for anything. So, back to square 1...

Tim D. Hotze
Received on Sat Feb 28 1998 - 11:11:17 GMT

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