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From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Sat Feb 28 18:55:22 1998

Hi, Tony.

Thanks for the response. I can't do much about it over the next two weeks,
because I'm 12 days from dissertation hand in (with, naturally, four weeks work
to do), but I'm certainly interested.

> Well, I have one (or maybe 2) 6809 CPU boards from Acorn...
> Do you insist on an 'original' EPROM, or would a copy in a new 27xx be
> OK? I have an EPROM programmer, you see, and I'm pretty sure Acorn
> wouldn't mind after all these years, especially not for restoring a machine.
> Also, do you need schematics/ROM source for the 6809 board? I have those
> as well, I think.
> It would take me _months_ to find it, but I may have a Flex boot disk for
> the 6809 Acorn machine.

I'd love a 6809 board. I have the User Manual (and some others from similar
era) and the Eurocard schematics (as you may remember). I don't think I have
the ROM source, so that would be nice. I do have a rather nice Eurocard rack
(empty, cost me a fiver, and that was only because it had a nice PSU). I'd
like to build a floppy add-on for the 6809 (I have the schematics for Acorn's
one, and I think I even have the parts), so the Flex boot disk would be a

I don't care if any of the firmware/software is original or an "off-site
backup". Since I worked for Acorn, I can assure you they wouldn't care about
copying such old stuff (unless it was ridiculously blatant for-profit misuse).
I copy ROMs myself, all the time -- there's nothing worse than finding it's the
ROM/PROM/PAL that's died in some old board, so I like to make copies of
anything I get, for security. Yes, I know some manufacturers dislike that, but
I've had two bad experiences trying to track down replacements. I have a 27xxx
programmer of my own, but I wish I could persuade the Department to let me keep
the MicroPross programmer (the one that knows how to program every TTL PROM,
almost every 27xx, 27xx, 28xx EPROM, and umpteen PALs). It may be ten years
old, but I've not seen anything else with a quarter of the performance.

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