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From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Sat Feb 28 19:18:24 1998

On Feb 28, 22:47, lisard_at_zetnet.co.uk wrote:
> hmm. did the acorn 32016 workstation ever emerge, or did the arch
> effectively replace that concept?

Yes, they first appeared a the Acorn Cambridge Workstation (ACW) which was
basically a BBC B-plus board inside a wierd monitor-type case, with a
Microvitec 14" colour monitor, a custom PSU, a 5.25" 80-track floppy, a 20MB
winchester, a 32016 with 4MB of RAM, and a LOT of metalwork. They didn't make
many; I had one for a while (I worked for Acorn) but passed it on to a dealer
eventually (idiot!). I've since seen two or three others.

There were some other similar-looking machines in the range. For example, the
ABC -- Acorn Business Computer, a Z80 instead of the 32016; and one with a
80186 and DR-DOS. Both were axed very quickly. I've still got some of the
bumf for those...

There was also a Second Processor version in a small box, as an add-on to a BBC
Micro. That came in two versions, one had 512K of memory (IIRC) and the other
had 4MB (same as the ACW). They ran the same firmware/software as the ACW,
including PANOS, a sort of cross between Unix and Flex, with hints of UCSD.

The Second Processor version remained in production for several years,
eventually being available as an add-in for the Master 128 which replaced the
BBC Micro (this version was called the Master Sientific, but it was just the
same item). I've still got the glossies for those, too...

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