Wanted stuff (Was: Pretty good week)

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Sat Feb 28 20:28:47 1998

Hi, Tony.

You're up late too :-) Seems we have quite a lot in common :-)

> I don't know if I have a spare one, but I can trivially copy the EPROM
> from the one in my Acorn System - I know where that is.

That would be great. What size EPROM shall I send you? Can you see if you
can find the Flex disk one day, as well?

> I am looking for some of the Acorn user manuals/schematics from that
> period - I think I need the 6502 CPU schematic, and the 80 column VDU
> schematics/manual. It wouldn't be hard to reverse engineer them, though.

I'll photocopy any of those I've got for you. Mail me a list.

> Oh, and I have some kind of user I/O card in one of my Atoms that looks
> as though it belongs in a System.

It's easy to fit such cards to my Atom, since it's missing the bottom half of
the case :-)

> I know I have the 6809 manual, the Acorn DOS manual (including the disk
> controller schematics), the Econet manual (System + Atom econet info), etc.

Was the Acorn DOS for the Atom or 6502-based System? I assume the 6809 ran
some variant of Flex?

> I have a PromPro8X which does most 27xx from the 2716 onwards, and also
> the bipolar and PAL modules for it. The latter only does the MMI Pals,
> though. Then I have a homebrew (Elektor) GAL programmer, an Intel UPP
> (2708's and 2716's), an Intel MCS8i (1702's), a Softy 1 (2708's again), a
> strange thing which does upto the 2732 (including the 2708 and the 3-rail
> 2716) based on an SCMP - and the 8-way copier that goes with it, etc.

Hmmm... I still have the Softy-1 schematics, and I'm sure that uses an SC/MP.

> One day I'll buy a modern universal programmer, but not yet...

I had a Softy-1 and I wish I still did, since not many programmers do the
3-rail devices these days. Now I have a little box that sits on the 1MHz bus
(it was meant for a BBC B but I have it on my Archimedes 440 now) which does
2716 - 27128, and I use a little adaptor for 27256/27512. The Department has
two S3's and an S4, which I'm occasionally allowed to borrow, since they do up
to 27400x.

I came across a pair of 1702's in a pile of junk a few weeks ago. they're
getting rare, now.

I also have all the bits to build the Elektor GAL programmer (Manfred
Nosswitz's design). First I'm going to redo the PCB layout, as I intend to
incorporate the daughter board (for the updated version) on the same PCB, and
possibly use a different DAC (the original one is a rarity, and expensive). I
have the disk for the s/ware as well, but I wish I could get the source -- it
grieves me to have to run it on a PC instead of a real computer.

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