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From: Wirehead Prime <wirehead_at_retrocomputing.com>
Date: Thu Jan 1 15:40:23 1998

> Wow, I'm one of those old Slackware believers, I only switched to it after
> SLS was seriously dead and outdated, before that I was doing it prior to
I've still got an old Slackware install (3 year old install) with kernel
1.1.59 running a mail server, domain name server (about 100 domains) and
routing a couple megabits of traffic from one ethernet board to another.
Slackware is just a rock-solid product.
> Having said that, I think the next time I decide to set up a new version of
> Linux I'll take RedHat for a spin. Just because I've used the Slackware
> distribution for the last 3-4 years doesn't mean I like to do things the
You might consider Caldera Network Desktop. It's easy to install, they
have telephone tech support (which is nice if you're trying to figure out
why X won't work with this or that video card) and at $99-$129 the price
really isn't too bad for what you get. Plus it comes with Netscape and
RealAudio these days and can do so much out of the box, it's quite fun.
> What I really like is how easy X-Windows has become to configure. I
> remember the nightmare I had setting up Xega, back when that was the only
> way to run X if you didn't have an ET4000 based video card!

The nicest video card is some Trident unit with 1m of ram...a buddy is
going to give me a nice SVGA card of some sort, which he says will make X
fun and pleasant for me.

Anthony Clifton - Wirehead

PS: BTW, Linux is a GREAT environment for running emulators. You can
find some by going to http://www.retrocomputing.com/software.html. Ok,
it's shameless self-promotion but it's not like I'm making money off it.
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