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From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_ix.netcom.com>
Date: Thu Jan 1 20:42:28 1998

>I've still got an old Slackware install (3 year old install) with kernel
>1.1.59 running a mail server, domain name server (about 100 domains) and
>routing a couple megabits of traffic from one ethernet board to another.
>Slackware is just a rock-solid product.

I'm definitely not saying it isn't rock-solid. The copy running my server
is about two years old, although the kernal was upgraded to 2.0.x so I
could run netatalk since I initially wanted to use it as an Appletalk
server. Still does that, but does a lot of other stuff also now, of course
it's just for personal use. I use it to tie my various old computers
together and transfer software I've gotten off of the Internet to them.

>You might consider Caldera Network Desktop. It's easy to install, they
>have telephone tech support (which is nice if you're trying to figure out
>why X won't work with this or that video card) and at $99-$129 the price
>really isn't too bad for what you get. Plus it comes with Netscape and
>RealAudio these days and can do so much out of the box, it's quite fun.

I've seriously considered Caldera. Although I can't be bothered with phone
support, and I do my surfing from a Macintosh. I like it's looks because
of the X-Windows desktop that comes with it. I think it's called
LookingGlass and is a commercial product. I've used it before, and it's
about the best I've used for X-Windows.

I've always found the support from the newsgroups to be excellent, although
I've not had to do that for several years.

>The nicest video card is some Trident unit with 1m of ram...a buddy is
>going to give me a nice SVGA card of some sort, which he says will make X
>fun and pleasant for me.

I've actually got a Trident with 512k in the server, it's run X in 256
colours since late '92 or early '93, but isn't fun. The Pentium 133 I use
for Linux has a 2Mb Diamand {something} 2000, and is quite nice. The only
reason I own that card though is because it was cheap, and OPENSTEP
supports it (I built the system to run OPENSTEP).

If you are running X you want a good card, X in 16million colours is
beautiful! If you want something really wild try the enlightenment window
manager, but be forwarned it wants a fast system. X also really wants the
system to have more than 16Mb of RAM.


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