What is this HP 9000/220?

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Date: Fri Jan 2 09:24:14 1998

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>I have one sitting in my dining room! It's one of the HP 9000 200
>series computers (9826 aka 9000 216, 9836 aka 9000 236, 9000/220,

(Much really helpful information snipped here...)
   Video: Yeap, typical HP, it uses a
>non-standard video output. I doubt you'll find a monitor that will
>work on it except the proper HP one. If you send me the part
>number from the video card I'll tell you which monitors will work
>with it.
There are two video output cards; a 98204A, marked composite video; and
a 98627A, marked color output. The only monitor I have with RGB and sync
BNC ports is a 19" Taxan 980, wonder if that will work?
   More about HP-IB: There sould be a connector for an
>external HP-IB bus on the back. It will probably be on the same
>card as the keyboard connection. It will look like a Centronics
>connector (the same type as a parallel printer uses) except it will
>only use 24 pins.
Yes, it's there, but is the keyboard connector the RG-45 looking one? There
is also another BNC connector on the same card.
>If you decide to get rid of it, I'd like to have it.
Thanks a lot for the info, and if I start to think I'm in way over my
head with this thing I'll give you first dibs on it. Now I'm wondering
what my friend Rick did with the rest of it?!?!?!?

Thanks again,

Kirk Scott

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