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<< >When I first ran winders it was on a 386/16 with 4mb of ram
> it seemed fast enough to do a lot of useful work.
> Allison
 Well, yeah. But, that was when a Winders program came on a couple of
 floppies, before the code -- and graphics -- bloat. A program, then, did
 less and had less junk (toolbars and suchlike).
 Still, some things _have_ improved in speed. My Corel Draw 3 on my laptop
 handles text in a rather leisurely fashion, wheras Corel Draw 7 is quite
 manney_at_nwohio.com >>
Right. And if you ran MS Works 2.0 for DOS on an XT, which was unfortunately
what had to be done for a while with me, it would show characters maybe a
second after they are type, especially on a Leading Edge Model D, which was
first priority to replace among the 8 XTs that were slowly being phased out.
MS-DOS edit or Windows Write works very much faster. (Don't get me wrong here,
I love the Leading Edge Model D, it's just so damn slow)
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