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Date: Fri Jan 2 19:42:03 1998

At 03:27 PM 1/2/98 -0500, you wrote:
>> I mentioned a while ago that I saw a copy of Apple II visicalc. Well, I
>> finally got it. It has all the stuff, and is a 1981 copy. I was wondering
>> there was a PC version or port for DOS?
>Sure was. -- I've got one (no manuals, tho'). I messed with it a
> sorta like early Lotus.

  Actually I think VisiCalc WAS the early version of Lotus 123. I don't
remember all the names but VisiCalc was originally developed by some guy as
a school project. One of the other students liked it and bought the rights
to it for something like $100 and formed Lotus Developement Corp (I think
that's the right name). It was first marketed as VisiCalc and was
virtually unchanged from the original project software except for being
ported to different systems. Later the name was changed to Lotus 123 and
the product was further developed. Another case of the inventor ending up
sweeping floors and a promoter becoming rich with someone else's idea.
(Tesla >> George Westinghouse) (Henry >> Oliver Winchester) etc etc.

>IIRC, there was one for the PCjr, too.
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