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Date: Fri Jan 2 20:50:58 1998

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> Right. And if you ran MS Works 2.0 for DOS on an XT, which was
> what had to be done for a while with me, it would show characters maybe a
> second after they are type, especially on a Leading Edge Model D, which
> first priority to replace among the 8 XTs that were slowly being phased
 I've used MSW on XT's (even a PC), and I don't remember its being all that
 slow. What were you doing? Editing War & Peace?
> MS-DOS edit or Windows Write works very much faster. (Don't get me wrong
> I love the Leading Edge Model D, it's just so damn slow)
 I think they're pretty quick (faster than the IBM XT, anyway!)
Actually, It took a few minutes for works even to start up! We were editing
one-page documents. The Leading Edge Model D I have had two experiences with.
In one case it was ENIAC-speed (clock? oh, yeah, it's 3:30!) and the other it
was 286-speed.
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