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From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_ix.netcom.com>
Date: Fri Jan 2 23:53:54 1998

>This argument is going to piss off Bill Whitson when he next checks in.
>Linux is _not_ within the scopy of this mailing list. And I recall an

Well, Linux does run on 10+ year old systems, so on that basis this might
be an OK subject. For example, my Amiga 2000's are over ten years old I
believe, and with the proper accelerator they can run Linux. In fact with
the proper accelerator Linux will scream on them! Same with my VAXstation
(if I ever get my hands on a Hard Drive for it), I don't think it will run
Linux, but it will run it's cousin OpenBSD (well at least one of those
BSDish variants, who can keep track of them). An original IBM PC is
capable of running Linux in the form of ELKS I believe. This is probably
more the way in which we should be looking at Linux, instead of argueing
it's merits (yes, I know I'm one of those argueing).

>item in the FAQ that this _not_ the right place for dicksize wars
>between proponents of different systems -- the "advocacy" newsgroups
>supply corrals for that gunfight.

This on the otherhand is definitly not a correct topic for the mailing
list, and yes, I think this fact is mentioned in the FAQ.


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