Radio Shack TRS-80 DMP 100 Printer info needed.

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Sat Jan 3 00:32:37 1998

Bill Girnius wrote:
> Most of the tandy printers where serial. Does the DMP have a DIN cable, a

No, _most_ Tandy printers were parallel. The computers theirselves had
custom connectors, the other end was a Centronics-34.

> D cable or a Centronics cable. Most had a serial DIN cable and you would
> have to make a custom cable that went from a PC"s serial port to the DIN on
> the printer. If it's a D connector you should be able to use a straight
> through serial cable. Getting it to talk, will be the next interesting
> part. Im not sure how they communicated, but you might be able to get at
> least text out of it. Let me know how it comes out.

The DIN cable was strictly for the Color Computer line. Even the printer
which was almost the Siamese twin to the first Color Computers, the LP-VII,
had the parallel port. And any PC comcrapable will talk to them. The
only "problem" is that early Tandy printers accept a carriage return as
both a carriage return and a line feed -- as the computers use that
internally in text files. Tandy's later printers took a command (later a
physical switch setting) so that PCs wouldn't double-space by sending both
codes. All of the "DMP" printers accept this code, as do the daisy wheels
starting with the DWP-IIB. Tandy supplied a device driver for their PC
comcrapables to prevent the machines (and it works on other PC clones) to
make PCs not send the unnecessary line-feed.

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> Subject: Radio Shack TRS-80 DMP 100 Printer info needed.
> >I was wondering if I can connect my DMP-100 to a PC through the parallel
> >port in the back and if I need a special cable ? According to the manual,
> >this port was made for TRS-80 only. It doesn't talk about PC in the manual.
> >If someone was able to connect it to a PC, please let me know how and which
> >driver did you use in Windows?
> >
> >I was wondering if someone has a spare cable to connect this printer to a
> >TRS-80 COCO II or III (using the DIN connector) to giveaway ? If not, which
> >part number
> >do I need to order from Radio Shack ?

I don't recall the catalog number, but it's in the current catalog.
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