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Date: Sat Jan 3 09:51:04 1998

Actually, the ELKS webpage mentions that it should be technically possible and
not-too-difficult to port ELKS to PDP-11

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<< > >This argument is going to piss off Bill Whitson when he next checks in.
> >Linux is _not_ within the scopy of this mailing list. And I recall an
> Well, Linux does run on 10+ year old systems, so on that basis this might
> be an OK subject. For example, my Amiga 2000's are over ten years old I
> believe, and with the proper accelerator they can run Linux. In fact with
> it's merits (yes, I know I'm one of those argueing).
> >item in the FAQ that this _not_ the right place for dicksize wars
> >between proponents of different systems -- the "advocacy" newsgroups
> >supply corrals for that gunfight.
> This on the otherhand is definitly not a correct topic for the mailing
> list, and yes, I think this fact is mentioned in the FAQ.
 Well, I'm not sure that Wind-blows is really an appropriate topic either
 but I see people talking about it all the time.
 I doubt it will 'piss' Bill off since we're talking about how Linux can
 be used to 'resurrect' ancient and obsolete hardware like 386sx's and so
 on. Although it's not Altairs, I think it is in the spirit of what we're
 all about.
 Heck, every day I wonder why there isn't a Linux PDP-11 port. =-)
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