Old S/W (wasRe: operating systems)

From: PG Manney <manney_at_nwohio.com>
Date: Sat Jan 3 16:46:09 1998

> This works 2.0 is best example of user interface without interrupting
> your train of thought and look as you go...And no playing games of
> guessing buried in GUI menus, waiting for fancy features to load in
> on demand.

...except that it doesn't work _exactly_ as the Win keystrokes do (I don't
remember just what).
> And keep that hands on that keyboard is BIG plus
> especially without fuction keys and mouse.
Yeah, I like that, too. The only time I use a mouse (mostly) is in drawing
programs and #_at_$#%$ MS Schedule Plus, with which I have to use the mouse to
dial a number. Stupid!

> And another good example
> was News Xpress had same user interface but the next version totally
> lost it, using windows crap. :( That is one another big reason I'm
> looking at linux ongoing basis.

I have MSW 2 on my laptop, as I'm developing a spreadsheet app for a
customer (old church with a non-Windows 386). It's legal to load multiple
versions if you own the program.

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