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From: PG Manney <manney_at_nwohio.com>
Date: Sat Jan 3 17:20:30 1998

> Which brings up an interesting point: Why do the self appointed software
> cops go after software archives of "abandonware" that most of today's
> computers usually run too fast anyway? Do these ancient games really hurt
> todays software market? Anything 10 years old or older should be
> freeware/public domain as far as games are concerned. They don't increase
> productivity, and the collectors of these old games aren't doing any harm
> are they?

Well, frogger is a good example of why not. I see they're bringing it out

Copyrights are what? 37 years? As someone who produces intellectual
property (Photos and -- occasionally -- software), I appreciate copyright

Can't tell you why the self appointed software cops go after 'em...maybe
because they're easy?

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