UNIX questions?

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_ix.netcom.com>
Date: Sat Jan 3 18:25:07 1998

>I note that you *N*X users mention recompiling the kernel. Is that
>something peculiar to the UNIX/LINUX world? Is it done by the average user?

I think most or at least some commercial UNIX versions have you link the
Kernal to get the device drivers loaded that you'll need, although they are
starting to get away from this need. Most commercial versions don't
include the source so you can't do a total recompile.

Recompiling the Kernal has been a part of Linux from the very beginning, a
lot of versions of the Kernal have only been available as source. Actual
Linux distributions do include "Generic" precompiled Kernals.

>I presume (from "context clues", as my fourth grade son's homework puts it)
>that it provides a smaller/faster/more crashproof installation.

Smaller because it doesn't have all the garbage you don't need, although
mine always end up bigger than they need to, because I include a lot of
extra filesystems that I "might" want, but never do.

Faster because you can have it optimized for the specific processor you are
running (i.e. 486 or Pentium).

I don't know about more crashproof, but you can get it so that it supports
hardware that you've got in your system that isn't supported by the generic
kernals, but that drivers exist for.

>I've always run CP/M and Bill's M$-DO$ and have no experience with UNIX.
>Should I -- I fix boxen and run online and graphics apps; I don't program
>much anymore -- play with UNIX? What would I get out of it?

A much better and more stable OS is what you would get. However, if it
isn't something you are interested in doing, the fact that it's better
isn't a compelling enough reason to try it.

As an example at home my primary machine is a Macintosh, I know that my
Pentium running Linux is more stable, and runs a better OS. But I am far
more productive on my Macintosh, and the Applications that I want to run
are available on the Mac. Oh, and I was running Linux for several years
prior to buying my first Mac.


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