UNIX questions?

From: Zeus334 <Zeus334_at_aol.com>
Date: Sat Jan 3 18:30:13 1998

> As an example at home my primary machine is a Macintosh, I know that my
> Pentium running Linux is more stable, and runs a better OS. But I am far
> more productive on my Macintosh, and the Applications that I want to run
>are available on the Mac.
Which IS what I meant at the beginning that started this whole little
discussion! Linux is trying to compete with Windows 95 and MacOS, but is not
designed around getting documents typed, and stuff like that, so the average
user would be awfully unproductive, and the "power user" would spend years
tweaking their shell script and recompiling the kernel to run vi perfectly,
which can't even do fonts!
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