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Date: Sat Jan 3 21:23:45 1998

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>> Two thousand yeare since Bethlehem and still we hear the lie,
>> that after years of hopes and fears the best part's when we die.
>Yup, that's what I used to think. I felt sorry for all those poor
>misguided fools, Christians. (Didn't occur to me that some of them
>were very bright, and very skeptical, and had spent years studying
>to seek truth, & only then became Christians.)
>And then one day, I was forced to examine my 'beliefs', & was a
>little surprised to see that they were assumptions only. Bummer.
>So I had to check it out for myself. Sure is a ton of info out
>there, some good, some not, but anyway I was finally able to go
>1%, & God went the other 99.
>So I now believe that anyone who diligently tries to disprove the
>teachings of Jesus, or seeks truth or whatever terminology you can
>live with -- with any kind of open mind at all (none of us can truly
>have an open mind, all we can do is try) -- will become His followers.
>Go and do likewise. Don't be chicken.......

   Yeap, very nice, but how does that connect to Visicalc?

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