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Gee, and I thought this was a classic computer mailing list. silly me...

In a message dated 98-01-03 15:42:53 EST, somebody went WAY off topic and

<< Um, I'm not sure what you just said, but:
 a) I'm sure this has nothing to do with old computers, unless God stands for
 Graphic Output Device :)
 b)I think you mean that if one tries to disprove Jesus, they automatically
 God's followers, but,once again, I'm not sure
 Original Message:
 << > Two thousand yeare since Bethlehem and still we hear the lie,
> that after years of hopes and fears the best part's when we die.
  Yup, that's what I used to think. I felt sorry for all those poor
  misguided fools, Christians. (Didn't occur to me that some of them
  were very bright, and very skeptical, and had spent years studying
  to seek truth, & only then became Christians.)
  And then one day, I was forced to examine my 'beliefs', & was a
  little surprised to see that they were assumptions only. Bummer.
  So I had to check it out for myself. Sure is a ton of info out
  there, some good, some not, but anyway I was finally able to go
  1%, & God went the other 99.
  So I now believe that anyone who diligently tries to disprove the
  teachings of Jesus, or seeks truth or whatever terminology you can
  live with -- with any kind of open mind at all (none of us can truly
  have an open mind, all we can do is try) -- will become His followers.
  Go and do likewise. Don't be chicken.......
  ---mikey >>
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