Laser 128

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sat Jan 3 20:52:57 1998

I'm looking for some information on a Laser 128. I've had one for several
months now, and have known that it was an Apple clone. Unfortunatly it has
a mouse, but no Power Supply. However, a couple days ago I got a second
one, this time with no mouse, but it has the Power Supply and an external
floppy drive and monitor cable.

So I just plugged it into one of my little Apple IIc monitors since one was
handy, and I'm happy to say it works. Even boots DOS 3.3 (will it run

One slight problem, the keyboard makes no sense, when I hit a key,
something else comes up. Is this because I don't have their version of the
OS, or is there a problem with the computer, or what? Any ideas?

While I'm at it, will the little IIc green monitors display anything other
than 40 columns? Looking at the manuals it looks like I should be able to
get my IIc to display 80 columns on it, but I've not been able to. IIRC I
have been able to get my Franklin Ace 1200 to run CP/M on one in 80
columns. I'm aware of the 40/80 column button on the IIc, but I've tried
two different IIc's with no luck.


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