[Long] Tandy Trivia, Pin 18, and a Fest!

From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_northernway.net>
Date: Sun Jan 4 00:46:12 1998

First, I'd like to mention that every year in Elgin, Illinois, USA (near
Chicago) there is still a CoCoFest being held!!! Here's some info requested
from Mike Knudsen (e-mail: mknudsen_at_lucent.com (I'm pretty sure this is it
-- he just changed.)) about the fest:


We at Glenside Coco Club really want to hear from you on five
different aspects:

1. Who's coming to the Fest on April 18/19 at Elgin, IL

2. Who's coming to our CocoFeast/Banquet/Family Dinner.
  This is really important. So far we count 24 fer-sures, or up
   to 31 with "maybes" added in. We need close to 50.
  The dinner is a "go" at this time, but please help our
  confidence here. And advise us re #5 below.

3. VENDORS! Who wants to commit verbally to taking a table, or
half of one? Not only do we need your fee, but we need to
reassure our guests that there will be some stuff to see and buy!

4. SPEAKERS! Who'd like to give a one-hour talk? Any
Coco-related subject you like -- history, or a chance to plug
your own product, be as infomercial as you like.
Also how about a Keynote Speaker? Volunteers?

5. Do you want a Keynote Speaker? At the Dinner? SOme folks
prefer *not* to sit thru a speech after dinner, but if we get a
speaker he will be exciting to listen to. The Coco Greats are
not dull, that's fer sure.


He's an officer in the GCCC (Glenside Color Computer Club) -- methinks the
prez, but I'm not sure. He's one of main folks behind the shindig.

Anyway, if yer interested, contact him when he gets back from vacation,
which should be around January 8, 98. (yea, so this mail msg. isn't Y2K
compliant -- what're ya gonna do about it, eh punk???? ;^> )

Oh, please tell him "Merch" sent ya -- I'd like to see if I generated any
extra attendance with this msg. Thanks!


Tandy trivia:

Tandy's numbering scheme was rather strange, as the CoCo I used the Roman
numeral form, the CoCo2 & 3 used Arabic.

However, standard Tandy nomenclature for the Models series was: Model I,
Model II, Model III, but just as IV would have shortened the end, they
changed to Arabic there with the 4.

That's the way I've always seen it, tho. Any other thoughts?


On the printer thingy -- IIRC the pin that needs to be changed on a
standard Centronics to an IBM (does that stand for Idiot Blows Money??? ;-)
cable is Pin 18 -- tho I cannot remember what to do with it. However, do this:

Go to DejaNews's web site (http://www.dejanews.com/)
and search the newsgroup comp.sys.tandy for
"printer" and "pin 18" and see what comes up -- they
recently had a discussion here about that very topic.


Anyway, I hope anyone interested in CoCo's has a chance to attend the Fest
(I'll see you there - it'll be my First!!! :-) and I hope this information
helps anyone out there with printer woes.

Roger "Merch" Merchberger
Roger Merchberger       | If at first you don't succeed,
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