UNIX questions?

From: Peter Prymmer <pvhp_at_forte.com>
Date: Sun Jan 4 03:17:06 1998

Subj: Re: UNIX questions?

Tony Duell wrote:

>Ob classic-computer-OS. I agree with some other messages on this list - a
>Linux/minix port to the PDP11 would be very nice. The PDP11 is just about
>unique in that it's a popular classic computer with _no_ freely
>distributable OS (in fact, unless you have the license transferred, you
>can't even legally run what it was running before you got it). Now that
>CP/M is jsut about free for home use, as is LDOS (for the TRS-80), OS8,
>Linux, Minix (for educational use), etc, it appears that the PDP11 is the
>machine that's left out of all this.

I am not sure if things were different for the DEC OSes for the PDP-11
but for VMS (VAX & AXP) one can legally run the OS and attendant utilities
(DECnet & the DCL shell) with transfer of ownership. To be legal you
have to purchase new license PAKs and/or new distributions for any of the
layered products which includes all the interesting compilers, DBses etc.

BTW to Bruce Lane regarding BSDs: A web page discussing flavors and ports
at http://minnie.cs.adfa.oz.au/BSD-info/BSD.html seems to be inaccesible
at this time.
For money you could try Ultrix as in:
 - and I thought digital was no longer selling ultrix products (?)

Peter Prymmer
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