UNIX questions?

From: Wirehead Prime <wirehead_at_retrocomputing.com>
Date: Sun Jan 4 19:01:49 1998

> Which I use depends on the job I want to
> > do, how I want to do it, etc. Nobody restricts you to only having one
> > computer.
> Wives?
No no no. My wife, who is not at all into computers (still seems to pick
up stuff fast and I don't have to tell her how to do something more than
once usually), LOVES my hobby of collecting computers.

She realizes and has said that my hobby is what makes me so employable so
she knows we and our children (when we have them) will never go hungry.
It also allowed us to buy our home, the finished basement of which has
been allocated (at her suggestion) to my computer hobby. This way I
don't have junk all over the house, I have an area where I can set things
up and be assured she won't go around switching things off or moving them
and guarantees that I'll be at home instead of out galavanting about at
bars or sports games like other husbands.

Plus, she knows I won't give her a hard time about collecting Barbies,
books and pets...because she's so understanding about my hobby.

On the other hand, all my girlfriends up to meeting my wife HATED my
computers (in my apartment so I don't know what business it was of theirs
anyway), hated me spending time on them and thought they were useless junk.

My wife saw my computers and saw stability (aside from loving me and me
loving her and all the things that make a good marriage possible),
someone who wouldn't cheat on her or beat her (not that she'd ever
experienced that mind you but smart women don't pick certain kinds of
guys) and someone who, if he lost his job, wouldn't be happy lying around
the house (IE would look for a job) and would be able to find SOME job
under almost any economic circumstances.

I really don't understand the wife hating the computers routine. You'd
think, like my wife, they'd understand that a computer hobby can be a
great contribution to the stability of the family, the employability of
the husband and the education of any children.

(Not to say, mind you, that my wife isn't gainfully employed. She's had
the same job for 13 years, is a supervisor and has complete seniority.
She enjoys working and we couldn't get by without her income but she
knows, if the chips were down and she lost her job, I could get a job [if
forced to do so because I like my current job even if it isn't the
highest pay in the world] that would earn enough for both of us to live on.

On the other hand, there's nothing I'd love more than cleaning out some
hams basement of old computers and having the wife standing at the top of
the stairs saying, "Honey, why don't you give him that old Altair that's
been collecting dust for 20 years. If you do, I'll make that special pot
roast for you." etc etc. =-D Hasn't happened yet but it was how I laid
my hands on gobs of Xerox 820 parts and the crusty Northstar chassis.

The husband hates it of course but it makes me wish more wives were
involved in their husbands' businesses. "Honey, why don't you clean out
that back room and give this young man all those old computers for free
so you can have a new office with a pool table?" ;-D

Anthony Clifton - Wirehead
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