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From: Cord Coslor <coslor_at_pscosf.peru.edu>
Date: Sun Jan 4 18:37:12 1998

On Sun, 4 Jan 1998, PG Manney wrote:

> > >Well, frogger is a good example of why not. I see they're bringing it
> out
> > >again.
> >
> > Okay, so you own a new computer, maybe a P200 mmx and you have this old
> copy
> > of frogger, from your XT days... If this old copy gets out on the
> internet
> > or elsewhere, is it going to affect sales of the new Frogger version?
> Well, I meant...Frogger is an axample of why "they" don't just throw game
> concepts out the window. Frogger seems to have been resurrected. You're
> right -- the new one is different, and most young users would prefer the
> new version (I LIKED the old one, though! Anyone have Frogger for the PC
> for sale?)
You know, I probably have 20 different versions of Frogger... for the
TRS-80, Apple, Commodore, Vic, CoCo, and on and on... anyway, I _don't_
have an original 'licensed' version for the PC. Many, many remakes for
the PC and every other computer in the world, but not a Sega licensed
version. Could someone let me know when it was released and if they really
do have a copy for sale? I'd really like to get the 'original PC version'!


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