Laser 128

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Jan 4 18:43:30 1998

>> One slight problem, the keyboard makes no sense, when I hit a key,
>> something else comes up. Is this because I don't have their version of the
>> OS, or is there a problem with the computer, or what? Any ideas?
>I've found this generally occurs when the ribbon cable connecting
>the keyboard to the motherboard is slightly loose/misaligned. The
>cable connects right under the keyboard, which lifts up when you
>take the case off.

I'm embarrased to say that it was a switch on the back of the computer that
needed to be flipped. One of the other list members pointed this out, as
well as letting me know why I wasn't getting 80 columns on my IIc.


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