Linux???? is it real

From: Kevin McQuiggin <>
Date: Sun Jan 4 22:40:35 1998

Hi Allison:

Try FreeBSD. It's much more professionally oriented, and more stable. No
"kernel of the week" problems. I run both but vastly prefer FreeBSD. It's
rock-solid and high performance. I suggest 2.2.5, the latest release.


At 10:42 PM 98/01/04 -0500, you wrote:
>The idea of using linux as a free OS on aging 386 boxen or as a platform
>for getting a unix running on older classic platforms has merit.
>There is one little bug... I've never seen a running linux box nor
>have I been successful in getting one going. After loading 75 floppies
>becuase the CDrom I have is not supported I'm more than annoyed and
>have not found a resource to assist beyond suggesting I'd be better
>off running microspooge. The latter is insulting and demeaning. On
>the other hand if someone can prove that working slakware v3.0 really
>exists I can be swayed.

Kevin McQuiggin VE7ZD
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