Frank Knows his stuff was Re: What is this HP 9000/220?

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Date: Mon Jan 5 20:12:21 1998

At 09:51 PM 1/2/98 PST, you wrote:
>I am brimming with curiosity about the MPE OS: What is it like?
Frank is probably better off answering this than I, but...

MPE is a great OS. Been around since the mid-70's, I believe. The HP3000
series of computers is (I think) somewhat comparable to the DEC PDP series.
Two things you simply shouldn't be without on a 3000: Qedit and MPEX. Qedit
is an incredible editor while MPEX extends the capabilities of the OS.

Lots of third party support, very popular in the business side of things
(accounting depts., etc.)

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