From: Bill Richman <>
Date: Mon Jan 5 21:37:42 1998

Just pry a floppy drive out of an old IBM XT. They plug right in and
work, assuming you have the same North Star controller I have in my
IMSAI. Herb Johnson ("Dr. S-100") explained this to me some time ago.
I tried it, and it works. As he told me, the sectoring is determined
by the controller, not by the drive. (One thing, though: you don't
"just pick up" and Altair 8800a. You make burnt offerings of
Microsoft Stock certificates, and burn incense in front of the first
issue of Byte magazine, and maybe if the gods smile upon you, you are
granted an Altair 8800a. You _don't_ "just pick one up". If you
aren't going to treat it with the proper respect, send it to me! :-)

On Mon, 05 Jan 1998 20:35:41, you wrote:

>Hi, I just picked up an Altair 8800a. It has a North Star disk drive
>controller in it. I think it uses a Shugart Sa400 drive. Does anyone know
>if it uses a hard sectored or soft sectored disk? Where can I find a SA
>400? I know they were very common in the old computers. I have access to a
>lot of old computers (old Tandys, Commodores and other stranger things.)
>Can anyone tell me which ones migh t have a SA 400 drive? Yes, Yes, I know
>you're all going to be PO'd that I would use one of those old machines for
>parts, but I've offered them to people over and over and no one is
>interested unless I PAY them to take them.
> Joe

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