Wtd: ESDI 3.5" hd + hd ?'s

From: Peter Prymmer <pvhp_at_forte.com>
Date: Mon Jan 5 22:58:16 1998

Subj: Re: Wtd: ESDI 3.5" hd + hd ?'s

Tony Duell wrote:

!> MFM (early 80's?)
!> RLL (late 80's?)
!> SCSI (late 70's?)
!> ESDI (?)
!> IDE
!> any others? Thanks...
!I can't help with dates, but there are a lot of others :
!SASI (forerunner of SCSI)
!HPIB :-) (Seriously, HP did make large-ish hard disks with an HPIB interface)
!Massbus (?)
!And the custom ones :
!Shugart SA4000 (one 50 wire cable)
!Shugart SA1000 (50 wire control cable, that could be shared with 8" floppy
!drives, and a 20/26 wire data cable)
!DEC : R80 (almost SMD, but different enough to give you headaches!),
!RK05, RL01, RK06, etc... Doubtless other manufactures had similar custom
!Diablo 30 (almost the same as RK05, but not quite)
!Micropolis 1200 (either the raw 50 wire interface, or the formatted one.
!There was a standard Micropolis controller for the latter)

Well - now that the discussion has turned to disk drives and such I would like
to ask in general (not necessarily to Tony in particular): where might I be
able to find either an ESDI or a SCSI controller for the Q22 bus in a
MicroVAX II? Shop names and addresses in the Bay area would be especially
helpful but I am perfectly happy to look elsewhere (even DEC). Alas, the
recently mentioned organization with a web page at http://www.dda.org/dda.html
apparently does not list any hardware (not even if you "subscribe"(?)).

Thanks to the efforts of a member of this list I am now the extremely happy
owner of a uVAX II with three RD53 bootable drives (Ultrix 1.2, 2.1, &&
VMS 5.4 - the latter (c) 1990 and not strictly classic software :=}). At any
rate, I would like to up the disk capacity of the machine by a fair amount and
install a decent C compiler (Under VMS I am currently limited to DCL and MACRO
as the only programming languages - oddly I have both FORTRAN and PASCAL verbs
in my DCLTABLES but no such images under SYS$SYSROOT.)

A big thanks to this list for information already provided as well as that

Peter Prymmer
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