I don't believe this ****

From: Hotze <photze_at_batelco.com.bh>
Date: Tue Jan 6 06:57:18 1998

Sure. I've seen 486/33DX systems with 4MB of RAM and Windows 3.1 go for
around $275. So 386's don't sell for that... but still... and you could
sell high-end 486's for much more than that. Heck, AMD even made the X5, a
586 compatible processor for 486/DX4 motherboards that works at 133MHz.
Those go for around $500.
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Date: Tuesday, January 06, 1998 9:18 AM
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> That's TERRIBLE. I mean 486 parts can even get SOLD AS-IS for a decent
> of money. The whole system goes for a couple hundred. So if they're
> to scrap 'em.... but anyway, lots of schools, non-profit orginazations,
> would love to have decent 386's, and 486's would be better. Sure, you
> play Quake on 'em, but a 386 was designed with 10 years of x86 software in
> mind.
Yepper! I would beat up that one because of several things also
real nice to donate those to schools, etc and including me looking
for some parts to fix some other items. AS IS at that price? No

Jason D.
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