colorizing is evil

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Tue Jan 6 21:58:24 1998

John Higginbotham wrote:
> For the longest time, when I was very young, I thought those movies were
> made in black and white because everything WAS black and white. Crazy, huh?
> At 01:38 AM 1/6/98 +0000, you wrote:
> >I know, I like to have both choices anyway because I'm curious what
> >colors looked like at that time also enjoy the b/w for it's quality.

Not seeing it on a color set until age 15 or 16 (call it 1971), I never
understood the significance of "The Wizard of OZ" (which scared the crap
out of me as a kid, that nonsense about parents tragging their brats out
of "Return to OZ" in '85 because of the seeing a kid threatened with
electroshock left those kids with an expectation of something horrible
about to happen that their parents denied the resolution of -- hopefully,
those kids have since seen it on TV and resolved the trauma their parents
gave them, it's a lot less scary than the first sound [and color] OZ

OBclassic, in "Return to OZ (more than ten years ago) we did have an AI.
Mechanical, reminded of my long-lost DigiComp One that I could never
quite interface to my Mr. Machine.
Ward Griffiths
Dylan:  How many years must some people exist, 
			before they're allowed to be free?
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