Visicalc -- NOT -- I beg your pardon

From: Lynn & Mike <>
Date: Tue Jan 6 22:39:37 1998

Apologies to all.

On 1/3/98 at 12:05pm I attempted to send a private note to
Ward Donald Griffiths III, concerning his signature......
but it was posted publicly instead.

It was an accident. I believe that any group needs to limit
the discussion pretty strictly to the stated topic only, as
I've seen how it can get too far afield on other groups.

For the record, I hit the "reply to author" button, & it
replied to everybody. I'll try my best to be more careful
in the future.

Most of the people in the group simply ignored it, possibly
the most appropriate thing to do. About six (not many out of
200 total) reminded me that the subject was classic computers,
with varying degrees of civility -- nuff sed. The absolute
standout First Prize response was from Uncle Roger, with such
a bizzare comment that I am left speechless -- thanx Unc -- I
will be driving down to SF when you least expect it, & deliver
your new big heavy bible up side yo head. Just kidding.


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