A Couple Acquisitions: Paper Tape & Bernoulli Drive

From: Wirehead Prime <wirehead_at_retrocomputing.com>
Date: Wed Jan 7 02:17:02 1998

I was at the Rockwell Surplus outlet in Cedar Rapids today (Tuesday) and
picked up a paper tape reader/punch that connects via RS-232. Highly nifty!
Only $10! I'll have a closer look at it tomorrow.

I also picked up a Bernoulli box (that takes the 8" cartridges) and some
cartridges and can't recall who had the cartridges they were offering to
a good home. If whoever you are reads this, please send me an email.
That was $10 as well.

I'll post more details about the paper tape machine later. I was just
blown away by it. It appears to be in excellent shape. So now I can
convert paper tapes for folks who don't have a reader or punch paper
tapes for those who don't have a punch. =-)

Anthony Clifton - Wirehead

PS: Also acquired the money tonight to rent the truck for the PDP-8/I
retrieval mission. It will be Saturday so I should have lots of cool
descriptions next week!
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