I don't believe this **** CD-Decomposition

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Date: Tue Jan 6 22:14:07 1998

What did you expect? I mean, it was in the lake, with moving water all
around it, fish, plants, and lord knows what else brushing aginst it, and so
forht. The perfect form of data preservation is probably punched tape, or,
ROM (not EEPROM!) with the data on it. It would be cool to see a drive that
read ROMS, or, if you put a "blank" one in would burn it for you. Of course
that's only good for a few K, but for text, that should be sufficent.
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> At 11:49 AM 1/6/98 +0000, you wrote:
> >discolored. There should be a better way to compost them...
> >Allow enough O2 there, it will decompose and oxidize better.
> What do you think about CD-ROMS? I hear they have have a much longer
> capacity to hold data, as opposed to 15 years for VHS tapes in average
> conditions. Would UV be the major factor in CD-ROM deterioration?
Actually, the sealer on that side of any cdrom label side is pretty
easy to scratch, once that happens, the life is really shortened!
The shiny layer is aluminum. I heard of someone who threw a
favorite cd into lake in frustration, but few years later, found it
again, it's ruined.

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