The IBM PS/2 model 70 again! -E61

Date: Wed Jan 7 18:22:21 1998

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<< One Mac IIcx - what good about this
 one? I used to work on similar configuration of that model
 when I was at college doing homework. Comments please. >>

I have this model in my collection. i managed to get it for $25 but have not
been able to test it since mine came with a radius two page display card which
is useless without the monitor. i finally did get a 1bit video card for it,
but now need to find a mono display for it which i still havent found! the cx
is a 68030 running at 16mhz. a better deal would be the IIci model which is
25mhz and built in video which can be used with a vga monitor if you use a
special dongle.
RE: ps2 models; I have 3 of them: two 8530 and a 9577. the model 77 i bought
from work when they upgraded to pc300 desktops. two scsi adaptors, 16 meg, 200
400meg scsi drives running hpfs and os2 3.0. its an industrial strength
machine, and will probably outlive any other computer i own.

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