I don't believe this ****

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Date: Wed Jan 7 21:09:06 1998

was: Re: I don't believe this **** SHOULD BE First Liar doesn't have a

At 06:32 PM 1/7/98 -0500, you wrote:
><I once had a PC/XT overclocked to 25 or so MHz. It caught fire...
><Basically, I just pulled the chip marked 25 MHz from a dead 386
><and put it where the XT's ship was. It took about 10 minutes to start em
>I find this a good story. ;-) The fastest 8088 ever made was 10mhz if
>you squint it may hit 12. As far as putting a 386 in a 8088
>socket...there is the matter of the 100 or so extra pins.
>Oh, if the 25 mhz clock was input to the 8284A then the cpu clock would
>be 8.333mhz... almost believable save for the rest of the logic on the xt
>board would not generally run that fast without adding waitstates.
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