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Date: Wed Jan 7 14:20:41 1998


Snip! Problems at "lab"?

This is very labour heavy work and expensive if you're managing them
at that lab.

Pull the floppy drives, take the ejector framework with floppy
guides, clean them free of gunk and oil lightly with very heavy
weight oil, oil lightly on that ejector motor. Clean the heads with
alcohol, brush out the gut of the floppy, clean the seating surface
where the matal part of floppy rests on it and floppy guides, posts,
dirt/grime get carried to there by those fingers.

Monitors, have them serviced by monitor depot and have capacitors
changed out, soldering work and I would personally prefer to rebuild
those power supplies out of these IIci's. Capacitors are cheap,
about 10 to 20 dollars for each PSU. About the same for monitors.

This will help lot. Otherwise, replace them with newer Mac clones.
Cheaper in long run and less headache especially if they're at
school lab still used? Also these clones uses regular 15pin monitors
that was used for PC's.

Sorry if you meant that you gotten some IIci's from there?

> > a better deal would be the IIci model which is
> > 25mhz and built in video which can be used with a vga monitor if you use a
> > special dongle.

I agree. I just finished looking at the info as provided by apple's
site. So I will leave this IIcx alone. I thought of putting linux
on that when linux version get to full version release for that 68k

Jason D.
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