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Date: Wed Jan 7 15:24:58 1998

> Well, we have 10 IIcis, 10 Powermac 5400/180s (slow as molasses) 1 clone, 2
> quadras. They are all used, the IIcis are limited in usefullness, because of
> the lack of FDD functionality

Hi Zeus334,

What exactly is the problem with your old IIci's especially this
FDD? R/W problems or eject problems? etc?

Oh, does my suggestions were helpful so far?
Those old 1.44 drives are HIGH ticket because of it's demand for
older machines and Apple have a horrible policy.
Reason for this high price and hard to find spare ones:

1. Apple grants authoriztion to repair depots and tells them to
always send broken stuff no matter what and they get discount on
other available replacement parts. For broken parts their policy is
grind 'em up. And ratio between apples and PC's are about 1:10.
So, combined with this, rare unwanted parts and junk, demand from
remaining users who still use theirs drive prices up.

2. so few places operate unauthorized reseller or repairs for apples.

I was scared stiff when I found 1.44 drives for older ones cost over
100 each even it's used!

What do you think of one mac clone you have in your lab?

Jason D.
> In a message dated 98-01-07 20:18:49 EST, you write:
> << This will help lot. Otherwise, replace them with newer Mac clones.
> Cheaper in long run and less headache especially if they're at
> school lab still used? Also these clones uses regular 15pin monitors
> that was used for PC's.
> >>
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