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Date: Thu Jan 8 10:35:39 1998

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<< David, how cheap did you gotten some of these parts through this
 mail list? Model 77? I do not know this specs, kindly tell me what
 about this? :)
 My book does not list this Model 77. >>

as far as the ps2 models i own go, my brother gave me the two model 30s. the
place where he used to work at had round filed them, so he rescued them for
me. the 8086 model was complete with a 4869 floppy drive and 8503 monitor!
works great and had data on it dated up to 1991. the model 77 is a premium
class ps2 machine announed in 1993 or 1994 i think so doesnt really apply to
discussion here although it has mca architecture with is 10 years old. mine is
a 9577-ouf which is a 486sx 33. full scsi, 2.88 floppy. 2-400 meg scsi drives
and 16 meg which is max i think. i found a mca scsi adaptor at a radio rally
for $1. tests ok, but its not a caching controller. this ps2 could support as
many scsi drives as there are drive letters to support them, btw.

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