archiving history (was: Tektronix Workstations

From: PG Manney <>
Date: Thu Jan 8 21:33:06 1998

> So, I'll offer to host and html-ize any stuff like this anyone wants to
> me. Just dump it (any kind of: history, folklore, specs, special
> secret codes, easter eggs, power supply voltages, etc.) in an e-mail and
> send it to me at <> and I'll get it on-line. (It won't
> necessarily be beautiful, but it will be useable.)

Great idea. The manuals may survive, but the folklore that's batted about
this -- and other discussion groups -- is as ephemeral as it is precious.
My grandkids are (i hope) gonna want to know what it felt like to sit at a
keyboard, to write a program, to swap out a drive...
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