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Date: Thu Jan 8 23:16:59 1998

I really hate to reply to the whole mailing list about this, but I have
no e-mail address for Allison. (Grrr... if the mail server would leave
intact the original headers or something...) Sorry for the off-topic
message... :(

> One annoying thing is the autoprobe for CDrom, it's
> slow. Generally the speed is good.

chmod 644 /etc/rc.d/rc.cdrom

That should prevent it from probing for the CDROM, since you don't have

> I also have to get an IP stack going on the dosbox to share files. Any
> experts out there?

I can answer a question or two on linux, but I'm no expert on DOS IP
stacks. Here at school, we use the Clarkson University (CUTCP) package
for DOS IP needs, but I don't think it has any server capabilities.
But I'd be interested if you found a program that did such a thing in

chris starling
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