Free IBM system 36

From: PG Manney <>
Date: Sat Jan 10 12:49:56 1998

> a PC type can't consider until he's bloated his system to at least
> 640K (or lately, 32Mb).

96MB is what I just put into mine. Corel 7 _flies_!

...but, it's hard to unlearn habits. I still find myself deleting <1K text
files to "save space". I don't program much anymore, but if I did, I
suspect I'd still be trying to squeeze a few bytes out here and there.

With memory and HDD's so cheap, tho', and the intense pressure in the
software market, it's simply not economically feasible to shave bytes.

Also, a lot of the bloat is not only in features ("PIM outputs next year's
schedule in HTML for easy posting to the web -- now with finite element
analysis of paperclips!"), but things such as clipart, which gets stuck on
the hard drive, for convenience...even MSWorks comes with clipart, for
Pete's sake. Everything comes with 20 fonts (reminds me of an English
restaurant: everything with chips) and a tutorial.
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