Anyone ever heard of an Amigo?

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Sat Jan 10 20:51:58 1998

I picked up an Amigo computer today from a thrift store. Now, this is
something cool as I have never seen one before and it is an interesting
design for its time.

The CPU and CRT are in one unit. In fact, at first I thought this was
simply a dumb terminal because normally when you had a computer with
integrated CPU/CRT it was a lot bulkier than this one is. The motherboard
on this is tucked right under the tube. It has a Z-80 CPU and a 6502 (I'm
assuming the 6502 is for the video display). The keyboard is an IBM XT
keyboard (same key layout) but it has a 1/4" phono plug that connects to
the front of the CRT/CPU (just like the Apple Lisa keyboard). I also got
a dual half-height disk drive unit for it and two boxes of 5.25" floppies
with programs such as WordStar, Supercalc, etc. I got a couple CP/M
master disks with it as well.

It powers up and on the screen it says:

V.10 BOOT Insert system diskette in lower drive.

I can hear the drive spinning as if its trying to boot from the disk but
none of the system disks I have seem to work. Perhaps they are bad, or
the drive heads need cleaning.

What I really want to know is if anyone has ever seen or worked with one
of these, and if you've got any information on it.


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