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From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Sun Jan 11 10:31:05 1998

<> > BTW, what is a DEC Professional 350? I passed on both that and a Rai
<> > or two (they had a huge stack of Rainbows, but no monitors or keyboar
<> > sight). I really want to go back, and would tomorrow I think, but th
<> > weather is turning bad, and I'm supposed to be elsewhere :^(

The PRO350 is a member of the PDP-11 family. The processor is the F-11,
that's the same one as the 11/23 and they could carry up to 1meg of ram.
The bus physically is unique to the pro but it is similar to q-bus in
signals and timing.

As to options:

RX50 floppy
RD50/51/52 hard disks(rd51 10meg was common)
various memory options
APUs for 8088 or z80s
eithernet interface
Color graphics

Operating system was POS and was a modified version of RSX and is a
multitasking os. RT-11 was also available. Many programming languages
were available. Venix is available on the net for this box.

Speed, the PRO350 was slightly faster than the 11/23 though the disk
interfaces were slower. It did make a good workstation.

Versions, There was a PRO380 which used the J-11 (11/73 11/83) processor
which was faster and also the design carried more memory. Same box.

I have one and they are neat small machines. You need a monitor and
keyboard to make it complete.

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