Anyone ever heard of an Amigo?

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Sun Jan 11 11:05:16 1998

On Sat, 10 Jan 1998 wrote:

> >I picked up an Amigo computer today from a thrift store. Now, this is
> >something cool as I have never seen one before and it is an interesting
> >design for its time.
> I have something called an Amigo, made (although the name is hard to
> read) by Surwave. Mind you, it could well be a Surwave made by Amigo. :)
> It also has the z80 and the 6502 on the mother board, but it is not an
> all-in-one unit. Indeed, it looks a bit like the Aplle ][. I have done
> Anyway, I imagine that your computer is another model by the same people
> - try an Apple boot disk and see what happens. :)

Adam, what you are describing is of course an Apple clone. What I've got
here is a straight CP/M machine.

Thanks to Hans Pufal's Comprehensive Computer Catalogue
( I've tracked down the date of
manufacture as November 1982. And I forgot to mention the name of the
manufacturer was on the motherboard (as well as on Hans' page). It's
Ontel. I actually got two motherboards with this. One is a revision A
and the other (the one actually installed) is revision F. This is cool
because I have a stash of spare parts I guess.

Still can't get it to boot but I guess I'll put it away with the others
until my sabbatical.

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