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>On Sun, 11 Jan 1998, Francois Auradon wrote:
>> Here's a questionthat is probably going to generate some passionate
>No debates necessary on some of these as there were definite firsts. For
>> first video game
>"Computer Space" which was Atari's first video game. I think someone may
>correct me and tell me it wasn't "Atari" yet, but it was created by Nolan
>> first TV video game
>The Odyssey. Came out in 1972. It used wafer carthridges for games that
>weren't actually ROMs but actually just "patches" to re-configure the
>console to throw different sprites onto the screen.
>> first personal computer (I think I know that one)
>This is harder to define. The question really is, who's definition of
>"personal" are we referring to? Everyone's got their own. Some people
>consider certain mainframes to have been "personal computers" because you
>could actually sit down at the main console and have the computer all to
>If the definition of "personal" is "integrated CPU, keyboard and video
>output" then that would be the Sol-20 from 1976. This was first proposed
>at the First Annual Vintage Computer Festival, and once you've done your
>own research you will tend to agree. Some will argue that the Apple ][
>was the first (by this definition). But the Sol-20 beat it by a few

    I think the credit on this one has to go to the IBM 5100 again. It was
released in 1975.

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