Need PDP processor card identified

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Jan 11 12:55:57 1998

>2. I think you have a M8192, not a M9192. A M8192 is a KDJ11A, the
>OEM/upgrade version of the PDP-11/73 CPU.

I goofed on this one, it is the M8192. It makes sense that its an OEM
version, since these were OEM'd by SMS so they really aren't true
PDP-11/73's I guess, but I'm hoping they will be easier to get up and
running than the /44.

>It seems you've already found Ron Copley's "field guide", but the
>real definitive answer for DEC boards is a 4000-page list of options
>I have on my desk at work :-)

No, I haven't. But now that I know it exists I've got it, took me a few
minutes searching and I've got it. I found was what was supposed to be a
stock list for one of the resellers, and this is what I had been using.
It's a very complete list, and had all the DEC MicroVAX stuff that I've got
on it I believe, but it's lacking on the PDP-11 cards.

I found the list at

>> Distributed Logic Corp. DQ342 -- no idea, two ribbon connectors
>What size ribbon connectors? If a 34-pin and a 20-pin, it's probably
>a MFM hard drive controller. But Dilog made lots and lots of stuff
>over the years, and I can never keep the numbers straight, so you may
>have to describe the board a bit more before I recognize it.

It's a 34-pin and a 10-pin. If it's a MFM controller doesn't sound like
it's much use to me at this point. Especially if the ESDI controller will


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