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Date: Sun Jan 11 16:14:26 1998

I deal a _lot_ with new users, so my answers are a bit different. I use
precise, non-standard (but descriptive) terminology. My goal is to employ
labels such that non-users can understand instantly what I mean.

> For computers like the C-64, the TI-99/4a, Atari 800, etc. I call the CPU
> a "console".

I call 'em a "keyboard", as that is what they look like.

> The all-in-one dealies like the TRS-80 Model II/III and their ilk would
> be "computers"

Me too. More precisely, "old-style computer"

> Piece-part systems like the IBM, I'd call "systems" because you have a
> system consisting of a CPU and peripherals, such as the keyboard,
> disk drives, perhaps a mouse...

I call the --
Monitor => Screen
Case => System box

I always stress that the 3 1/2" is called a "floppy ", because a surprising
number of people think that they are "hard drives". I also see them
commonly called "tapes" (and installing a program is commonly called

> Also, things like a PDP or DG Nova would be "systems", but I think people
> prefer to refer to them as "mini's".

I just call them computers -- newbies generally don't know the difference.
(Besides, if you gave up your old stuff and all got PC's with Win95, you
would have _real_ computers and get _real_ work done....snicker snicker.)

(Quick! Now, I gotta change my e-mail address, lest I be buried under tons
of irate e-mail...)

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