From: Scott Walde <>
Date: Sun Jan 11 16:43:24 1998

On Sun, 11 Jan 1998, Zane H. Healy wrote:

> >> first portable computer
> >
> >Again, same problem. Define "portable". Allison carted, what was it, a
> Well, if you believe the Smithsonian's "Museum of American History" and I
> believe DEC's advertising this goes to one of the PDP's, I don't remember
> which one. I don't think it was a -8 or -11, and it's been over four years
> since I was last to the museum so my memory isn't the best. They showed
> the computer being in the back of a convertible IIRC, and actually had the
> computer there at the musuem. Big sucker.

Wasn't there a DEC ad showing a PDP-8 fitting in the trunk (boot, or is
that a hood or bonnet?) of a VW bug? Would that qualify it as portable?

> Zane

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