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At 02:51 PM 1/11/98 -0500, you wrote:
><> >First programable calc
><> Then there is the "first solid state electronic calc" which I think goe
><> the Busicom from Japan that employed the first production run of the in
><> 4000 chip set: the 4001 (2048 bit ROM), 4002 (320 bit RAM), 4003 (10 bi
>No, this was not the first by a long means. I vaguely remember a desktop
>HP job that was years earlier.

  Take a look at the picture at
"" and see if you can spot it.
Also look at some of the pictures of the HP 98xx calculators on that are
linked to that page.

>There were designs that were RTL and utililogic

  Sounds like the HP 9100. Look at one on my website at

and even earlier designs
>that were about the size of a desk drawer

Sounds like one of the HP 9800 series..

that were both totally
>electronic and to some extent programable.

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